Why Grow Vertical?

The answer is simple. Vertical farming and gardening - growing up rather than growing out - isn’t just smart. It’s essential. Here’s why.


Land - the availability of arable land is quickly dwindling and currently fails to adequately feed 2.3 billion people. About 11% of the globe’s land surface is committed to the production of crops. This area represents roughly one-third of the available arable land on Earth - a land mass equivalent to that of the South American continent. By 2050, the world population is expected to grow by an additional 3 billion people. With the rapid urbanization of the world’s cities, this means roughly 10 billion hungry mouths will live in urban centers that often are nowhere near the farm land that produces their much-needed food. Currently, 870 million people go to bed every night with grumbling tummies. Paradoxically, approximately 1.4 billion people could stand to shed a few pounds and aren’t getting the nutrition they need to live healthy lives.


Water - fresh water is an increasingly scarce resource and pesticides pollute the soil, contaminate groundwater and contribute to ocean acidification. It’s true - about 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. With all this water, you’d think it’s the last thing we need to conserve. Fact is, only about 2.5% of this water is fresh. Of this, a mere 1% is accessible to us. The rest is trapped in snowfields, ice shelfs and glaciers. Simply put, only seven hundredths of a percent of the water on our deceptively wet, blue marble of a planet is available to feed 7 billion people. of that fraction of a percent, 80% is used to irrigate crops grown by traditional, land-and-labor intensive agriculture. Half the water employed in conventional farming is lost to evaporation, evaporation from plants or is lost getting from point A to point B. The other half is reusable but is often infused with pesticides that pollute the soil and contaminate water-bearing aquifers that provide the water we drink. Downstream, pesticide ridden runoff can lead to a decrease in the pH level (or acidification) of the Earth’s oceans which harms or kills marine ecosystems that produce the oxygen we breathe.


Waste - 10% of the nation’s energy goes into getting food to your table and one-third of that food is damaged or spoils before it gets there. We need to eat. It’s the most basic and perhaps the most crucial of our needs. Naturally, a great deal of time, energy and effort go into making sure we are fed or at least have access to food. What’s not apparent is the amount of energy consumed and waste produced to get food from where it’s grown to your plate. Whether by train, plane, truck or boat, 10% of the nation’s energy budget is spent transporting food from farm to table and about one-third of food is lost in transit. Traditional industrial agriculture taxes our limited natural resources, produces unnecessary waste and is time and labor intensive.

• Saves you money and time


• Growing vertical is smart and essential


• Supplies you and your family with GMO free food


• Saves you space and makes a statement in your home

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