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Make growing easy. This is a “turn-key” system where we have engineered lighting for you. The Closet King is designed for small spaces, with lighting that allow you to switch your grow cycle from grow to bloom. Gone are the days of worry about harmful chemicals, pest, heating and ventilation problems. Hydroponics will give you the opportunity to grow what you would like when you would like with a soil-less system that will look great in your home and in turn will not consume a ton of energy, space and time. Expect 30 % better and faster results for the same amount of money. Check out the products on the side of this page for systems that are best when growing recreationally. Have questions about ventilation, or want to customize your own system?  Give one of our horticultural specialist a call at 720-496-4080 to help guide you to healthier eating and your contribution to a sustainable planet. Low profile we can help you with ventilation and heat.

480 watt Reflector LED

720 watt Reflector LED

400 Watt LED

Single Cloner

700 Watt LED

Double Cloner

Three Cloner

400  Watt LED

• Cost-effective and easy-to-use


• Efficient space for growing your own


• Don't worry about  harmful chemicals


• Uses 95% less water than conventional farming


• Plants grow bigger, better, faster than they do in soil


• Less prone to insects and diseases associated with soil production

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