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You made the investment in a commercial facility.  Your committed to sustainability and making the world a better place. How would you like to be more efficient? Hanging Hydroponics offers a system that allow you to grow big plants at a faster rate by eliminating that wasted space. With using  traditional methods and a Hanging Hydroponics product you can easily get 4-6 crops per year as compared to 1-2 crops a year, which in return makes your warehouse operation 10x more efficient. Customize your own Hanging Hydroponic system today by calling us at 720-496-4080, let our team of draftsman and hydroponic professionals help you design a new system or work with you on your existing inventory, light and equipment.

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• Have up to 40 feet to grow vertical


• Will make your warehouse 10 times more efficient


• Eliminates waste associated with shipping and storing food


• Easily get 4-6 crops per year as compared to 1-2 crops a year


• Easy to change nutrients and lighting to fit the changes for crops


• Cost per square foot is less, your production can be ten times more



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Hanging Hydroponics ™ realizes grow techniques such as Cloning, Super cropping, and Sea of Green, have widespread application for urban farming and commercial gardeners. For instance, grow techniques, nutrients and light spectrum requirements are the same for Tomatoes as they are for Big Bud Sinsemilla.


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