Cloner System (Cloner King)

Want a easy way to reproduce plants, save money and  contribute to a clean environment? This Hanging Hydroponics™ cloner system is essential for Hanging Hydroponics™, as it produces plants that were born in hanging hydroponics™ environment.  This Cloner system is a fast and efficient way to create multiple copies of plants you currently have bloomed. Hanging Hydroponics™ has a efficient and sustainable system that allows you to create a one, two or three tier system of cloners that can produce more clones per square foot  (450 clones in 4 square feet) then any cloner on the market. A external pump is used to help keep root temperature cool and allows maximum growth and root viability. Specially formatted root cubes are designed to allow air around the plant so the stem does not rot. This system does require light, just to give the plants some direction: Use natural sunlight, florescent or check out our LED Grow Lights. Cloner trays can be switched out or the entire system can be converted to growing systems. Questions about how to clone your plant, contact one of our Hanging Hydroponics™ Representatives at 720-496-4080, or watch the video below.

• Customizable • Works with your existing potted plants • Roots Can either hang suspended in the air or be planted in soil or some other growing medium • Includes lights but can be customized to fit your growing needs
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